28 September 2010


if i'm being completely honest with you, this is what i want most out of life:

call it cliche, but it's the truth.

27 September 2010

attention: you may now breathe easily again


guess what i got in the mail today {no cheating if you're also my facebook friend}

you know, the ones i'd left on a bus. in england. the night before i left the country.

after much trial and tribulation, i FINALLY have them back! i almost abandoned hope there. almost.

and now time for a picture from karaoke that i can not stop laughing about:

tim is drunk on water at gurus

and yes, i am aware that this post is a font-explosion. that's how excited i am!

cool things i'm doing this week

ok, just the cool things i'm doing on thursday.
but if you want to be equally cool as i am on that day of the week, i recommend you come along!

provided i get back from work in time, i'm going to hit up the new byu farmer's market  {2-7pm, football stadium}

world changers film festival {6-7pm, movies screened until 6:30, varsity theater}. films were created in india, africa, etc. so cool! 

"finding & loving your beauty" by stephanie nielson {nienie}. this is going to be unreal! {7pm, wilk ballroom}. i'm so excited for this, you don't even know.

the byu art history fall symposium {6-8pm, 3280 WSC}
go be culturally edified!

26 September 2010

cambridge karaoke

until saturday night, i'd never done karaoke.
singing in public kind of scared me. as i always say, i was in band and not choir for a very good reason.
however, over the summer i started to think that i would be game to try it out, provided that i was with a large group of good friends.

enter guru's saturday night karaoke in provo. alex organized a cambridge get together to go and sing, and guess what- it was a lot of fun! i sang in large groups thrice times over, and danced as everyone else sang {actually, i danced when i was singing, too}. really, the night was fantastic. i couldn't fall asleep for a couple hours after i left because i was still so energized.

proof that i went, sang, and danced:

remember how my friends are the best?

{photos courtesy of michele}

birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!

caitlin, monica, and katie's birthdays are all within two weeks of each other, so they celebrated with a combined party yesterday!

didn't they do a fantastic job with the decorations? doesn't the food look amazing{it tasted that way too}? aren't these girls gorgeous?
the answer is yes to all of those questions, by the way.
katie streamers

happy birthday, loves!!

25 September 2010

favorite person of the day

chrissy at victoria's secret in the riverwoods {i believe that was her name} for informing me that i went from an a to a c.

also, anyone want to try out malawi's pizza with me? it's pizza with a purpose, and i'm dying to know what their cause is.

farewell rap

one of our cambridge-ites, the unforgettable james, left for his mission on wednesday to japan. the night before, several of us met up at one of the many self-serve fro-yo places in town to bid him adieu.  other people that i didn't know came too, including a member of surreal.  of course i demanded kindly requested that he free-style for us, and when asked for a subject, i of course commanded suggested that he rap about me.

here's a clip from my cell. enjoy!

23 September 2010

note to self

i am a strong, independent, solitary woman

22 September 2010

21 September 2010

harvard sailing team: boys will be girls

hysterical. the footlights of harvard.

the response:

20 September 2010

nothing says "thanks for the thanks!" like a blog post

look what my awesome friend/roommate left me to find when i came back from work today!

love them/her!

wish the picture were better-yay for cell phone quality!

19 September 2010

art x 2 + cambridge amies

so since i'm working full time now, i'm determined to have awesome weekends.

yesterday was one of my many ideas of the perfect day.

the day started with a visit to the plein air art festival at thanksgiving point with katie.  it was alright {minus the creepy sculptures of just the heads of a children's choir}, just really small.  the glass blowing was pretty cool.

after that we went to the anna richards peterson and hannah galli art show and sale in salt lake-- that was great!  seriously, there was a lot of really fantastic stuff. we should know, because we both bought some of their artworks. so pumped to receive them and decorate our apartment!

later that night i got together and hung out with some girls from cambridge. and we all know that any and all cambridge gatherings are good gatherings.  especially when they include good stories and food.

i miss england a lot this weekend.

16 September 2010

will flirt for food

today was an evening of great food.

for dinner i had a bowl of brown rice, lemon-soy sauce chicken, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and flax seed. i spent the whole day thinking about it. it was just as delicious as i'd hoped!

megan and i got together and went to the new frozen yogurt place in town, earth fruits yogurt.  it's highly delicious- tons of great flavours plus something like 80 toppings! there were 2 guys working, and since megan and i are hot young things, they chatted us up when we purchased our yogurt. about halfway through our hour-long sojourn, the servers took a break from eying us up to bring us free chocolate frozen yogurt topped with crushed malt balls.

a little meaningless flirting can be a good thing.

15 September 2010

triumphs & tragedies

at fhe this week we did this thing called "triumph & tragedy" where you share good and bad things from the week. and i'm instituting it here on my blog. right now.

my car broke down while i was driving on state street in orem last week

a beautiful sunday bike ride with pkp friends around south of campus
my friend let me borrow his car when mine was broken {it was quite the adjustment from a jetta to an suv}
finding a new radio station that is bomb.com
doing decently well at my job
visiting with my gramma
this photographer's site {below}

13 September 2010

i'm basically a lawyer

over the weekend, i got a job offer,and today was my first day! 
i work as a legal assistant.
bet you didn't know the best way to fast-track law school was to get your bachelor's in art history, did you?

alsooo, i figured i've been back from europe for 3 weeks now, so i should probably change my blog header. mournful sigh.

12 September 2010

red rock relay

the red rock relay this weekend was a lot of fun! seriously, i really enjoy watching/volunteering at running events.

highlights of the trip:
WE WON!! 1st out of 186 teams!! there were a few times there where i wasn't so sure, but we ended up winning by a 1hr margin. 
having the best car buddies
sleeping in church parking lots
pancake breakfast
volunteering at the finish line
getting 130+ kills {aka passing that many teams. we didn't actually kill people}

congrats byu tri club!


09 September 2010

beyond a want

so i've wanted a new computer for a while now.  
see, the one i have now is a whale.
seriously, it's a beast. and it's embarrassing. and to make matters worse, the dvd player broke like 3 years ago, and we bought the big computer for improved dvd viewing. fail.

but now that want is a need. my computer cannot hold a charge. literally. when it comes unplugged {ie, when someone trips over the cord}, the computer immediately shuts off. and i lose everything i was working on. and i get frustrated.

i've been looking at laptops online a tiny bit {don't want to get my hopes up}. and i need your help. my family's a pc family, but i've always felt like a mac girl. not that i know that much about macs, i just like what i've seen. those of you who are passionate either way, convince me that i should buy what you believe in. points to sell me on: battery life--space on the computer {i want to be able to store lots of pictures and music}--cool editing programmes.

someday, i will get a new computer. santa? heck, great pumpkin?

if you're in provo this weekend

i mentioned earlier that i'll be in the st. george area volunteering for the red rock relay this weekend.

that doesn't mean i'm going to leave you without options for things to do this weekend if you happen to be in provo!

rooftop concert series

the spelling bee! entrance is free for audience members, and money raised goes to promote Project Read, which supports improving adult literacy. i really wish i could go!

have fun, lovelies!

07 September 2010

spanish fork photoshoot

remember that photoshoot michele and i did on friday?
here are some pictures!
isn't she talented?

still coveting her camera, bee tea dubbs

the wilderness downtown

click [here] to view an interactive film by chris milk.

does anybody else get a little homesick?

courtesy of hannabeth.

05 September 2010

peach tree photoshoot

my super cool/ridiculously beautiful friend lindsay and i hung out today and did what we do best: spontaneous photoshoots!
we drove to orem and took pictures on her film camera in a peach tree orchard.
the fact that it was peach trees makes me laugh.  there's an ongoing debate among my cambridge friends as to what the most seductive and/or sensual fruit is.  two of the boys are very adamant that peaches win, but i disagree. {feel free to cast your vote: what fruit do you think is the most seductive/sensual?}
alsooo, this is a different photoshoot from yesterday {still don't have those pictures yet}

orchard 2
orchard 3
orchard 4
see the rest on glare. {9.04.2010}

04 September 2010

my pick-me-up foods:

pellegrino & strawberries

never fails

03 September 2010

fortune and photoshoot sneak peak

katie and i went for chinese food today, and i got the best fortune ever. ever. everever.

"a bold and dashing adventure is in your future."

we all know i love me some adventure.
i'm also reminded of a certain video in italy.

michele bought the most beautiful camera the other day, so we had a photoshoot to celebrate!  here's a sneak peak {more to follow once she's returned from her weekend getaway and i can steal the rest from her}:

spanish fork horse
i married adventure

thanks, michele, for being awesome!

02 September 2010

rooftop concert series

for those of you who are not going to be volunteering at the red rock relay next weekend and are staying in provo, you should go to this on my behalf. it sounds super cool! i mean, a concert on a roof? it doesn't get much cooler than that!

put me to sleep

my favorite song to fall asleep to:

thank you headphones for breaking so i can't fall asleep to this anymore.

kate contacts


01 September 2010

everybody's hometown

a spent a short 3.5 days at home last week.  while i was mostly asleep while i was there, i did have a great time and had fun with my family.

i went to rita's, aka my raison d'etre

i celebrated paige's sweet 16!

i read some sherlock holmes, aka a pkp fave

i gardened!

i don't spend nearly enough time at home...love that place!