30 October 2010

halloween office party

i intentionally don't blog about work {hence the rapid decrease in the number of posts since i've graduated}. i figure i spend all my time there anyway, so i'd rather talk about other things in my free time

wellll, yesterday was my first ever office party! honestly, i feel like i'm in the show the office {with about 20 times as many people}. everyone was dressed up, we had a pizza/pie party for lunch, and we got a paid lunch break! life is good.

i was going to just dress up as a hippie, but on the drive to work on thursday, i came up with an even better costume:
poker face

get it? i'm poker face! woo! definitely more original than the guy at work who won for his costume of the "hide yo' wife, hide yo' kids" guy, because i've seen like 10 other people in that costume since.
more pictures to follow once i get bethany to give me the ones she took during the day at the party!

on why my sister is the best

do i even need to include any text with this? i'm pretty sure this picture is worth at least 10,000 words.

27 October 2010

i'm happy for you and all, but i also kind of hate you.

i broke your heart and left you in a deep pit of despair for 5 months.
want to come to my wedding?"

i really am surprised that i'm a little bit angry/upset/idon'tknowwhat about this. i mean, i'm completely over the kid. but still.

the {electronic} world is so much better from my new computer

right before i left for vegas, i got my new MACBOOK PRO! i finally found an internet connection so i could get my computer all set up {thank you natalie!}.


so i may be written out of the will for switching to "the dark side," but i tell ya, the two-finger scroll alone makes it worth it. that and the fact that it's about 2 tons lighter and 3 football fields smaller than my other computer.

i think know i'm in love.

4-up on 2010-10-26 at 22.20 #14

25 October 2010

i promise i'm not dead

once again, the electronic world hates me.

so real briefly, this is what i've been up to:

getting an awesome new computer {which i can't use because our internet is out. blahhhhh. but it will get its own post}

went to vegassss to watch the pumpkin man tri

been dreaming about art museums {you know you're an art history graduate when you dream about the tate modern} and grand european adventures

being generally awesome

also, side note: please don't talk so much if you don't have a brain. last week was definitely one of those weeks.

20 October 2010


guess whose computer officially died this weekend? mine!

so i promise once i get my new computer tomorrow {and let's just talk about how excited i am for that baby!} i will be posting again.  including an appropriate celebratory post for my brother sam's birthday today!!

18 October 2010

remember how my weekend was fantastique?

this was one of those weekends that was as close to perfect as possible.

fantastic movies

fantastic-er people

the most heavenly foods ever

other general good-ness

how were your weekends?

17 October 2010

il y a longtemps que je t'aime

movies about sisters always get to me, especially ones about just two sisters.  
i guess that's what happens when you have a really good relationship with your rockstar of a little sister.

16 October 2010

on why my life is so good

i must be reading a lot more of grace's blog. i just realized i titled this post a la grace.

-outdoor screening of wait until dark in kiwanis park

-great friends

-hysterical stories
{just ask jason about his worst date}

-good conversation

-hot chocolate

14 October 2010

the silent evolution

coolest underwater art project that i know of.

read the literature here

13 October 2010

i'm an aunt!

well, sort of.

today one of my best friends hailey gave birth to her first baby!!!  little max is so darling, don't you think?
i'm already in love!

ps-let's talk about how when i got this picture at work, i may of squealed/cried a little bit.

11 October 2010

current likes:

autumnal bicycle rides with this girl:

followed by oatmeal of this kind:



i've had a few incredibly vivid dreams this past week. incredibly vivid. the kind where you wake up and you're in that weird "is this real life?" mood all day.

one of the worry-dreams i had on friday night actually came true.  too bad it wasn't the other dream i had on friday night or the one i had last saturday night where a certain attractive man professed his secret undying love to me.

10 October 2010

lv journey

loving this louis vuitton video

that time my parents were jealous of me

i don't even know where to start.  it was just so awesome! maybe i'm biased because i grew up on classic rock {i knew all the answers to the little "classic rock quiz" they did. nbd}. the concert was super high energy, and you could tell that even after all these years they still love their job.

-the pianist's rotating keyboard
-watching people my parents' age and older getting groovy
-confetti machine
-hearing some of my favorite songs live!!

09 October 2010

dear gap,

despite your disasterous new logo, i have to thank you for two things:

1- the recycle your blues event.  you can turn in old jeans- regardless of brand or how worn out- to gap, and they'll donate them so they can be used to insulate homes. seriously, how cool is that?

2- the ridiculously amazingly priced v-neck tees i bought today. and flip flips. and skirt.



a splendid night


finally finding a dress slip 
{now i can wear that dress i bought in italy}

a new shirt

pancake dinner

bike ride avec grace

cambridge girls night, complete with nail painting, delicious desserts, and british movies


07 October 2010

this is why girls should not ask guys out

ok, at least why this girl should not.

i have to find a date for saturday night to a styx concert {be so jealous}.
aka 1.5 days away.
buuuut i'm kind of freaking out. this is scary like woah.

it's just that the boys i ask out have a tendency to have secret girlfriends.
you can imagine how not-fun that is.

really, people, i'm like fu-reak-ing out. ish.

i know, i know.
grow up, self.

life would be so much better if you woke up already clean, hair-ed, make up-ed, dressed, breakfast ready, and lunch packed.

i'm dying here, people. i have no idea why, but waking up this week has been the most olympian feat every day. it leaves me tired and more than out-of-it all day.

06 October 2010

an equation for a perfect wednesday night

consider this an addendum to hier's post

pumpkin soy steamer
sudoku  printed on 100% recycled paper


05 October 2010

current likes:

1. finding out that tuesday institute is infinitely superior to wednesday institute

2. new cardigans

3. my apartment's love of jesse mccartney

4. knowing how awesome this upcoming weekend will be

5. the upcoming hot chocolate season

04 October 2010

dear provo croissants,

please be more like those i ate in france.



03 October 2010

i'll let you in on a secret:

my shirt is on backwards in these photos.
somehow, the victoria's secret bombshell shirt i was wearing for the last minute photo sesh didn't seem appropriate.
once again, courtesy of the lovely michele.

IMG_2519 edit

ps, this was the coolest truck ever: a solid 4 or 5 different colors and a bee's nest for the win!
don't you hate when your dreams aren't real?
here's to hoping it was premonition.

02 October 2010

birthday brother

thanks for putting up with my crazy self, always treating me like a lady, and taking me on sibling dates.
you're the best!
i know that the next 25 years are going to be even more awesome than the first.

Waiting for Sam in the Park and Wait 2

  i love you!

latest cambridge letterhead

i got my transcript from cambridge last night.
i didn't open it right away. i was too scared. i was with some cambridge friends and i didn't want them to see what was sure to be a look of disappointment.
when i pulled into my apartment complex, i was alone in my car and couldn't handle the anticipation any more.  i took the manila envelope, hesitated for just a second, and then opened it. when i finally looked down this is what i saw:

independent supervision: 68%
art, emotion, & morality: 64%
bloomsbury: 66%

and then i started to cry. not because i was upset, but because i knew that converted into american scores, it would have looked like this:

independent supervision: A-
art, emotion, & morality: B+
bloomsbury: A-

i'm pretty sure the tears were a result of literally being in shock.  i hadn't failed damian's class? i nearly got a solid a in my supervision {just 2% away}? i had done better at the university of cambridge than at byu? how is any of this even possible?

life is good, people. life is good. let's celebrate.

king's crew

that time i had to be 4- no 5- places at once

so much to blog about!
first off, yesterday's day of insane socialness.

after work, katie and i stopped at the new byu farmer's market. it's every other week, and there's only 2 weeks left, so  be sure to hurry on over--i recommend it! it's extremely small, but i really like the selection much better than the provo farmer's market aka the provo craft fair.  i will concede that provo's has a better layout, though.
{please note that i am wearing this purse}

i then hurried over to the wilk for the social entrepreneurship film presentations. i ran into friends there, which was really fun.  each of the films dealt with an organization that's trying to change the world. the last one was filmed in africa, and only increased my desire to go there. did i mention that i dreamed last week about going to mozambique  avec parker?

once the films were over, i made my way to the art history fall assembly.  however, i looked in the windows on the door and noticed that it was a sit-down dinner event {and that martha is now somewhat blonde}, and i didn't want to interrupt if i was only going to be there for 10 minutes.  i stood in the hallway for a minute or two and listened to martha's booming voice, so it kind of counts as going, right?
vincent van gogh, portrait with bandaged ear, 1889
{i selected a post-impressionist work simply because my friend tonight informed me that he dislikes it. how is that possible?}

next on the agenda was the stephanie nielson presentation/talk/lecture/i don't know what to call it but i was really excited. it was supposed to start at 7:00 and since i had to leave at 7:15 i knew {or so i thought} that i'd at least get to see and hear some of her story. however, i forgot to factor in mormon standard time, and by the time i left they were still nowhere near close to getting started. major bummer. and a half. times 12. squared.

i had to leave early so i could attend the instrumental showcase! my friend from my home stake just got back from her mission and we hadn't yet caught up, so when she invited me to come along, i of course jumped on the opportunity.  it was so good to see her and hear a bit about her mission and to hear some amazing music.  i tell ya, when the philharmonic was playing, i got really nostalgic for my days as a musician.  it will always be a part of me.  when i move back home to the east coast near some amazing orchestras, you better believe i will hold season tickets.

phew. what a thursday!