29 November 2010

it must be almost december:

wedding season is upon us, people.


time to buy more magnets.  we don't have nearly enough for all the announcements we've been getting.

neon trees- animal


25 November 2010

happy thanksgiving, darlings!

i'm thankful to be home with my family.
i'm thankful to have the world's greatest friends.
i'm thankful for art.
i'm thankful for the Gospel.

what are you thankful for?

24 November 2010

current likes:

hier soir's viewing of amelie.

when talking for 3.5 hours literally feels like 30 minutes. max.

the delicious potluck lunch at work today.

that i'm leaving for thanksgiving at HOME tonight!

22 November 2010

22-year-old girl seeking grand adventure

desperately need an adventure.
asap. stat. right now.

if only i had an adventure bag.

adventure lovers

21 November 2010

i am thankful for:

a brother who brings me orange juice and fruit snacks when i'm feeling under-the-weather.

piff paff puff

last night i went to the international cinema with my lovely friend natalie to see a swedish film called eviga √∂gonblick {that's everlasting moments, for those of you who don't speak swedish}.  i'd been looking forward to it for weeks for a few reasons: it was about photography; it was about a woman; it was on my half birthday.
i loved watching them use all these old timey cameras that i would just love to get my hands on.  i get really excited about art {obviously}, so i loved watching her passion for it grow and develop, and to see the healing power it had in her life.  that's one of the reasons i love art--when things are bad, it always has a way of comforting me.
the story focused on the abusive relationship between the main character and her alcoholic husband.  i've never been in a relationship like that, but i do know people who have been in similarly destructive relationships, so my heart broke for them as i watched the movie.  i wish i could properly describe how furious i got at the way the husband treated his wife.  but as we all know, when trying to speak on a topic that brings up such strong emotions, i tend to lose my words.
to end on a happy note: art is good. go study it.

20 November 2010

blind date in half an hour {first blind date in idon'tknowhowlong}.
let's see how this goes.

*addendum: i hate when you already have plans, but you get invited to do better things, but you can't bail on the first, despite how tempting the second option is.

in case you were wondering

harry potter was so good!!

it was made even better by the fact that i got to see it at 7:30 the night before it came out.  my family--you know, back on the east coast--was just starting to watch the previews by the time i finished.

what a great thursday. yes, i am rubbing it in that i got to see it early.

17 November 2010

should i or shouldn't i

...buy these boots? 
immediate reaction: "duh. yes!!!"
rational-daughter-of-a-financial-consultant reaction a minute later: "no, camille. you may work full-time, but you earn next-to-nothing."

so which camille's side are you on?

16 November 2010

really, it's perfect

it's official:

i became a tad less entirely envious of her when i found out that we have something in common: we both graduated in art history.

interesting fact: this will be the first marriage of an heir to the throne to a commoner in something like 350 years. 

so here's my proposition
why not go all the way and marry an american commoner? i already know he'll love me since i love art. and he's going to soon become the duke of cambridge. and we all know i love cambridge.

15 November 2010

up & coming

two byu student photographers i'm loving:

it's time to reevaluate your parenting techniques when...

your 4-year-old  is screaming and kicking by the rockstar case at the grocery store.

14 November 2010

some friends are really good for my self-esteem

mr. pimms
shout out to dan from cambridge and his constant flattery from 2,500 miles away. 

out of the loop

do you ever feel like everyone else around you knows something concerning you that you don't know, and you're not sure if it's good or bad?
mmmyeah that's me right now.

13 November 2010

manti temple

we had a ward temple trip this morning to the manti temple.  it was my first time going to that temple, and it is so beautiful!!  can't think of a better way to start the day.

ps- there's a little diner down the street where they have donuts for 65 cents! bonus!


tonight consisted of:

marvelous friends.

sneaking into the sold out basketball game at the marriott center, only to have to leave a few minutes later.

baking adventures.  wait until you try guatemalan sinkholes.  provided you like sugar, you will love them. {pictures to follow}

online-stalking of a certain professor.

my absolute favorite song playing on the way home, and hearing it in its entirety. 

life is just really good. how did i get so lucky?

12 November 2010

i always think to myself, "there is no such thing as too much ice cream!"

so then i eat two mug-fulls of it and remember, "oh wait. that's right. i'm lactose semi-intolerant.

one of these times i'll remember that fact before i eat loads of the stuff.  
it'll probably the same time that ice cream stops tasting soooo delicious.

10 November 2010

my older sister, parkette

...the awkward, "great personality" older sister.

"my gloves didn't match, so i wore socks on my hands instead."

i don't care what you say, it's still not cool bro sis.

ran hwang

buttons + pins =


see more {here}

09 November 2010

remember that time i went running?

yeah, until last night, neither did i.

the last time i went running was that one time in august of 2009.  but really it was those two times in april of 2009. my, that's embarrassing.  

one of the perks of having a brother who is the president of the triathlon team is that you have someone who actually knows what they're doing take you running, and you don't have to worry about what they think of your out-of-shape-ness.  

{running} dry spell ended. if anybody else wants to join us, let me know!

08 November 2010

a surprise, stargazing, and spain

this past week or so i've been pretty homesick. weird, i know, since this is my 5th year away from home. but my parents, being the awesome people that they are, called me last night to tell me that they're flying me home for thanksgiving this year!!!! people, i am SO excited!!! i haven't been home for thanksgiving since high school! and my mama's cookin' is the best, so i'm sososo happy!!

last night i had another dream about spain. i remember thinking to my dream-self, "why am i in spain? i don't even speak spanish." my brother and i were both there because, following that same dream-logic, my parents decided that since we wouldn't be leaving utah until wednesday night right before thanksgiving, they would have to send us to spain for two days. in that same dream, i went stargazing. this morning, i woke up and my neck was so.sore.  apparently, i actually tried to stargaze in my sleep. aaand camille for the win!

06 November 2010

favorite person of the week:

today i went and bought some much needed makeup at the mall {hellllo mascara that i've had since france}.

the guy starts ringing me up, and asks me what my plans are for the weekend.  i said i was going to the movies with some friends, so he politely inquired which one. i responded that i didn't know, just whatever they wanted to see.  to which he says:

"oh that's so nice of you to see what your friends want to see! me, i only see movies that are cartoons or have zac efron in them! *giggles like a school girl*"

further proof that every male who works in the cosmetics department is gay.

french fries, or why my mom is the best

all this week i have had an insatiable craving for salt.

as soon as institute was over on tuesday, i booked it to the closest fast food place {wendy's, fyi} for some fries.
on wednesday, i bought some mini-bags of pretzels. you know that nasty salt at the end? yeah, i definitely ate that out of the palm of my hand.
yesterday, when buying apples for caramel apples, i bought a can of pringles and devoured a large portion of them on the drive to my friend's place.

so why does this make my mom the best?  well, it would always happen that at around 10 pm i would start jonesing for some french fries. the big kind that you cook in the oven.  nothing else would do, and nothing else would get done until i got my hands on those fries. lots and lots of those fries.  and my mom never complained--she would go to the store and buy some while i kept working on homework. 

now that i think about it, how was i not a fat kid in high school?

thanks, ma!

05 November 2010

remember, remember how my post is the best

remember remember the 5th of november!

our fhe mum is from kent, so on monday we had an early traditional guy fawkes celebration- bonfire and effigy of guy fawkes included. a little unusual, and more than a little entertaining.


also, the hr rep at work is british, so we had a quality conversation about the 5th of november.

02 November 2010

current likes:

this song:

this artist:
{let's just talk about how i definitely cried when i saw this in real life. so much more beautiful than in any textbook}

french fries. they were allll i could think about during institute.

01 November 2010

prince(ss) camille

a bit of wikipedia trivia:

apparently, prince used camille as a pseudonym from the late 1980s- early 1990s.


bam, i'm awesome

i got promoted at work today!!! it's only the start of my 8th week, so that's pretty awesome.

also, some friends came over last night to watch breakfast at tiffany's.  wanting to be all domestic and impressive, i attempted to make these treats.
mine ended up looking like these:
boo treats
i really need to start having patience when making frosting.  mine definitely don't look ghosts...who has time for stiff peaks to form anyways?

this is a serious one

i'm sure we've all had those moments in our lives where it seems like, despite your best efforts, things aren't going quite the way you'd want them.  they aren't bad, but you're note where you'd like to be.  

it's during those times that you think to yourself, "i'm doing all the right things: reading my scriptures, attending the temple, daily sincere prayer, trying to be Christ-like, etc. so why is it that i'm still missing those things for which i pray so intently- the things that are what i desire most out of life, but never seem to have."

i guess what i'm asking is this: what do you guys do to really work towards obtaining your faithful desires? how do you stay from getting discouraged? because i feel like i'm doing the best i can and then some, but i must be needing to improve something.  any and all tips and advice are welcome.