24 January 2011


aie! so it's been a few days since i've posted.  real quickly {i do have to go to bed soon after all} here's what i've done this weekend {this is one of those posts that's probably of most interest to my mom}:

- cambridge girls' night {or as boy alex calls it, girls' retreat} at beth's place in midway. the night was full of delicious food, facials, and period films that left us swooning.

- a date with my grandpa on saturday evening. my brother and cousin came, too, and it was a lot of fun. love them all!

- hanging out with friends last night.

- french film, great food, and even better conversation with the ever so lovely jourdan and judy.


Judy Elmer said...

i always laugh when i write a post that i know my mother will love, but that i'm sure no one else will find interesting...

and i love this.

grace louise said...

I love that you girls watched Paris, je t'aime! And that you are hanging out! This all makes me so glad.