10 February 2011

quick survey.

please comment below your response to the following questions:

1. do you use a knife when you eat? {for example, pancakes, or other food}
2. where are you from?

i'm really interested, so i appreciate your participation. 


rebecca said...

oh my goodness. i love this question! cause i ask this question to myself all of the time.

i use a knife.. always. i grew up in connecticut (but my parents are both californian)

my husband does not use a knife... ever! he grew up in colorado, but his parents are from idaho.


ashley: said...

I do! I am from Salt Lake.

Jourdan said...

1) Yes, almost always; in fact, I'm usually awkward without one, unless it's something totally benign, like cereal.

2) America.

Charlotte said...

Interesting questions, Miss Camille! I use a knife when I eat hard-to-cut-with-a-fork meat, like pork chops. But I can usually cut chicken just fine without a knife.

And I'm from Colorado. But you knew that. You're wonderful, FYI.

Hannabeth said...

1. Rarely
2. Spokane, WA

parkermoffat said...

I use a knife when I need it. That's certainly ambiguous, so you know, let's say it's a steak. Yes, a knife. Cereal? Not so much. Pancakes? I will usually grab one but rarely use it for that.

I am from Ulanbataar, Mongolia.

Lisa said...

I'm from Oregon - sometimes. But not usually. When are we going to the chocolate again? :)

nat said...

Not usually unless it's steak :) Farmington, UT

Greg and LeAnna said...


Greg and I both use knives.. and you know where we're from ;)
but in case u forgot i'm from foxboro and he's from hull!

madlandr said...

spoons exclusively

phila, pa

Grammy said...

Yes, I use a knife. All civilized people use knives. Camille, if you are living in a place where people don't use knives, you need to get yourself home right now!!

Jeffreyhpierce said...

Only when necessary (steak, and especially hard to cut foods). So I don't use a knife very often. I am from Highland, UT.

Jen said...

I do use a knife! but only when necessary, as Jeffery said. I would prefer using my fork. :D

I am from P-town, Utah. :D