12 February 2011

the results are in

i like it when my theories are proved correct.

the next time you're out to eat with new people, if you see someone eating with a knife, go ahead and ask them where they are from on the east coast.

here are the stats:

total respondents :
{including both comments on the last post and on my facebook status}:
total who do use knives:
total who don't use knives:
east coasters:
west coasters:

here's where it gets good.
of those who do use knives, 6 are from the east coast, 3 are from the west coast* {one of whom is extremely well traveled, so {s}he is only partially west-coast}. 7 were female, 2 were male.

of those who don't use knives, only 1 is from the east coast {here is where i publicly shame my brother and think of all the times my mother has reprimanded him for not eating with one}, where a resounding 7 are from the west coast.

Conceited Cutlery

i really want to insert a comment on the uncouth nature of one group, but i know i will receive lots of anger over that.  oops, looks like i just did.

*yes, i include utah in west coast. i'm from the eastern seaboard, and that's just how we see it. no apologies. 


Jeffreyhpierce said...

You're still trying to convince us that the East coast is better than the West. I remain unconvinced.

parkermoffat said...

I am proudly uncouth AND an East coaster.


PS, I'm from Ulanbataar, remember? That's central Asia. You're lucky I even use a fork.