05 February 2011

utah symphony

last night, natalie and i went to see the utah symphony. i wish i could accurately put into words just how much i love going to the symphony. but trust me, i do.  poor natalie had to listen to me talk about what i though of each piece once the performance was over.  if you care to know what i thought, feel free to chat me up.
my apologies for my horrible posture. i promise i was just trying to compromise for my 4+ inch heels and natalie's flats.

utah symphony
utah symphony


Stephanie said...

Memory Alert:
we thought we were going on dates to the symphony but we ended up paying for our own dollar movie tickets and sneaking dinner. funniest night ever.

I'm happy you finally got to go!

Megan said...

I love the Symphony! I just might have to call you and find out about all the pieces.

P.S. Did I ever tell you about the time I got to play in Abravenel Hall? Um, yeah. One of the coolest nights of my life.

Camille said...

Stephanie:: definitely one of the top nights of my life.

Megan:: no!way! soooo cool!!!!