07 March 2011

latest obsession:

there's been a fair amount of wedding talk in my apartment lately.  it was bound to happen, what with monica's sister being engaged and us having thrown a bachelorette party this weekend. that, and 3 of my favorite cambridge couples got engaged recently!! {public shout out to christina & jordan, alex & jared, and hwanhi & nate}

so of course i've been researching/admiring wedding photographers online. because let's be honest, the photographer is probably second only to the groom in importance level on wedding day.

i have a great number of favorite photographers. too many, in fact, that i don't dare to start listing them lest i forget one. instead, let's just add one more.

{anyone else getting a rodney smith vibe?}

ok, sorry, had to get the provo girl out of me. actually, no. no apologies. there is nothing wrong with l o v e.

1 comment:

Jessica Lynn said...

you should hate love.


tell me more of your photographers?

k thanks.