16 April 2011

al young studio visit

i think it's common knowledge by now that i have amazingly talented friends.  one of these friends is from my undergrad programme, and seeing as how he graduated university at age 19 and is also a musical genius, it only makes sense that he himself comes from an amazingly talented family.  my friend's dad and sister are the painters al and elspeth young, and he was kind enough to invite me over to his house for a studio visit.

i can't get over how impressed i was with everything! which you know means something coming from me, because i am very particular about religious art {a genre that i find people are most willing to ignore poor execution just because of the subject matter}.  everything was so beautiful!  i even recognized one of my friend's as a model for their paintings, which was exciting.  

also, if there was ever a modern day family of da vinci's, i'm pretty sure it's the youngs.  i mean, they do everything. they have engineered and constructed almost everything in their entire home, and their interests spread from art to music to botany and more.

{elspeth young}

{al young}

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