21 April 2011

a birthday and a graduation

happy birthday to my mom!! what better way to celebrate than by her eldest son earning his master's degree today?  i think i can safely say "you're welcome" for him.

in honor of both momentous occasions, we went out to eat at the ever so delicious gloria's little italy.  my family kept ragging on me for flirting with the waiter.  i still stand by the fact that i wasn't flirting with him at all {ok, maybe just a little}, but like my grandmother noted, it's easiest to flirt with those you don't like at all. {and hardest with those that you do}

but what can i say? maybe it's worth it for an extra free scoop of gelato.

Roma Gelato
of course, a picture of me in a post about my mom and brother. amo roma!

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smile like you mean it said...

What do you mean by 'rag'? I thought your flirting skills were quite impressive. No one was cutting you down girlfriend.