04 April 2011

can i be honest for a second?

i really have no problem with not being acknowledged for things that i've done {such as dishes i've prepared, events that i have thought up &/or themed, general great thoughts, etc}

i do have a problem with when other people receive the credit for my work.  and that's been happening a lot lately.

i know- i need to grow up. but can you blame me?
frustration -/- annoyance


Lisa said...

I give you all the credit for everything, all the time, cause you totally deserve it! In fact.... you are the best!

Alison said...

I know what you mean!!! You are creative just like I am and I believe that with being creative we want to stand out and be considered different (but a good different) but when someone takes credit for anything we've done first (hair styles, shoes, art, essay etc.) we are bugged to no end and annoyed. So yes, it's annoying and that person should be punched in the baby maker.

parkermoffat said...

I love your picture!

Monica Kay said...

oh darling. come to me. i will give you credit for whatever you want. especially if it is work related. :)