17 April 2011

lost & found, for beth

so i'm pretty good at keeping track of my stuff.  i know where my shoes are, where my food is, and the locations of other various possessions.  any of you who have been involved in my life this semester, though, probably don't believe me.

let it be known that 2011 has seen me both lose & find {but only after a lengthy amount of time} the following objects:

olive green toms
pink v-neck sweater
silver belt
digital camera
purse/wallet {again}

why am i writing this? to give my friend beth hope.  people, please keep an eye out for all of her beautiful cardigans that have mysteriously vanished!

i bet this shim is looking for something lost right now!

1 comment:

Beth said...

bahahahahaha I LOVE YOU. I just read this (it's been a long week or so, what can I say?) and I laughed out loud. I have to remind myself clothes are clothes. Otherwise I get emotional.