08 April 2011

respondez s'il vous plait

recently, i was in the car with a group of kids on the way to my friends house for breakfast.  my friend's mom {let's call her alissa [the friend, not the mom]} was kind enough to prepare us nothing short of a feast to eat.  one of the boys in the car, let's call him robert, asked if her mom liked doing this sort of stuff. alissa said that she liked it alright, but got frustrated when a way different number of people showed up than what she was expecting.

to which robert replies, "well, what can you expect? we're college kids. sometimes we skip things we said we'd go to, and sometimes we show up uninvited."

i don't know about you, but i don't think basic politeness should hinge upon one's age.  first and foremost, if you get invited to something, respond. even if you can't go. respond. rsvp. second, stick to what you say. and if for whatever reason, things change and you can't make it or suddenly you're free and can attend, call.

goodness, people.  manners shouldn't be so hard.


May! said...

Listen closely: can you hear me shouting that last line from the rooftops? You can probably hear it echo off the mountains.

This is definitely a big deal to me.

Jannifer said...

Amen!!! This is one of my biggest pet peeves. When did it become acceptable to be flaky!?

Jessica Lynn said...


nice name choice there.