24 May 2011

formal hall

so sorry for the delayed posting on several of my awesome activities.  i promise it's not my fault dears, i've just had to rely on getting pictures from others {...jessica. still wanting to post about our awesome adven...}

anyways. even before christina's wedding, we had a formal hall for old time's sake.  sarah and her family were kind enough again to let us use their home. granted, it wasn't quite the same, what with the fact that we had to serve ourselves and the absence of drunkards, but we did have communal salad dressing, so that has to count for something.

formal hall
scottish gq
scottish gq
formal hall
let's talk about the prom action going on in the middle
Formal Fear Factor
too bad there isn't a picture of about 10 seconds later...
Dinner Conversation
well, at least natalie and jason look classy.


smile like you mean it said...

That is a beautiful home and your pictures are great. It looks like you have great friends :)

nat said...

I love, love, love this post!