20 May 2011

getting better with age

i can't adequately express how touched i am by all my dear friends and family did for me on my birthday.  it was unreal, and i'm so grateful!

thanks to my friends at work for decorating my cubicle, the sweet card, and hummus & pita chips!
birthday snacks

thanks to bethany for taking me to lunch!
birthday lunch

thanks to natalie for making me dinner and hosting my birthday party!
birthday dinner

thanks to my friends for coming!

thanks to my roommates for the gifts--i'm moved at how perfect they were!

thanks to my family {and dogs!} for their card and gift. it was exactly the right choice!

i would also like to thank everyone who called, texted, commented, and posted birthday wishes to me!  even though they were electronic, they still meant the world me.  sincerely.

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