14 May 2011

i really like to cook

but you wouldn't know it by my week.
seriously, i have eaten out every night this week.  i never do that.  i feel gluttonous if i eat out more than twice in the same week.

don't believe me? here's a sampling of my diet this week:
monday: el salvadorian with katie j (papoussas and tamales)
tuesday: my cousin's wedding reception in sandy (chicken, salad, crepes, cake, and more)
wednesday: kneader's last minute, due to the horrendous traffic {turkey cranberry croissant)
thursday: dinner with the bro, future sister-in-law, dad, and sister-in-law's mom {chicken & gnocchi soup, salad, breadsticks)
friday: chinese takeout with my guyfriend (general tsao's chicken and garlic pork)
saturday /tonight/: christina's wedding reception (food yet to be discovered)

guys, i'm sure all my salad stuff is going bad that i bought earlier. i can't handle the thought of it!

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