15 May 2011

personal revelation: the talk

so i gave a talk today in church. let's disregard the fact that i may or may not have prepared the wrong topic.  instead, i'm going to share a condensed version of my outline so you can get an idea of what i've learned
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also, be sure to toss in appropriate jokes for audience interest.

1) How can I obtain Personal Revelation?
A- Desire it-
D&C 6:8 
B- Seek/ask
D&C 5: 24
D&C 6:14  
D&C 6:5 
       Also, How often do we hear that God often answers our prayers through others?  So not only do we need to supplicate unto the Lord, we also need to ask those around us whom we trust

C-  Additional qualities we need to have
D&C 5:28: 
D- Faith
All of this doesn't mean anything if we don't have the faith.  Hopefully, if we have a desire, then we have faith or are working on increasing our faith
D&C 8: 10 
D&C 8:1 

2)  What is Personal Revelation/Why do I need it?
A- It is awesome (no scripture reference)

B- A tool to resist temptation
      D&C 5:32 

C- It is a source of peace
     D&C 6:23

D- It is a source of joy and enlightenment
     D&C 11: 13 

E- It is a gift. 
     D&C 8:5

3) What are my responsibilities once I receive Personal Revelation?
A- Trust
     D&C 11:12 

B- Act
     D&C 8:8 

C- Ponder
     Just something I've picked up from my own experience.  Pondering allows me to act on the revelation I've received, and opens up the door for more to come


smile like you mean it said...

Well Done!

yam (your awesome mom)

parkermoffat said...

Love it!

yaob (your awesome older brother)