29 May 2011

rainy weekend update

just because all of my roommates are gone {again} and it's been raining basically non-stop doesn't mean that i don't know how to have fun!

here are the indoor activities i've been up to of late:

skyping with my friend dan from cambridge {couldn't find the button to take a picture where it shows the screen of us chatting, so a picture of me will have to suffice}
skyping with dan

watching the new pirates arrrrg

catching up on hulu {i loooove glee!!! and the bachelorette contestants? so fine.}

kneaders and v chocolates and f.y.e. with megan {yes i bought "best of hanson live" for $1}
megan lunch
v chocolate

hanging out inside and watching the rain. which means photobooth pictaaaas of me and my apartment!
cool stuff
Rainy Sunday

how have you spent the last few rainy days?


smile like you mean it said...

It's been like 90 and sunny here. So, swimming :D

Megan said...

Oh, just chillin' with the incredible Camille. No biggie. :)