30 June 2011

midnight in paris

Saw it. Loved it. Miss it.

Although, I have to admit that I didn't almost survive the opening credits.  As in, the shots were so beautiful I almost ran to the airport to buy a ticket on the next plan to Paris. I was thiiiiis close.

on how to not sound like an idiot

Cambridge: Please don't pronounce it like the river after which it is named /ie: Cam-bridge/. Rather, pronounce as if there were an 'e' tossed in there /ie: Came-bridge/

Camille: I may get sick a lot, but pronouncing my name /Cam-ill/ makes me really feel just like that--ill.  Instead, say /Cam-eel/. That's right, like the sea creature.  The only other acceptable pronunciation is the French way.

There, now that that is settled.

Amedeo Modigliani, Young Redhead in an Evening Dress, 1918

29 June 2011


Turns out, I like running in the summer, too! Here I was all worried that once it got to be above 30F that I would hate it.  And I even went by myself /unless you count my iPod, Janine (yes she it has a name)/ for the first time in above-60F weather!


28 June 2011

borrowed choices

Monica and I went to see "Something Borrowed" last night.  Now, before you roll your eyes at me and say, "You're admitting to seeing the movie based off of the chick lit?", let me tell you that it actually got me thinking about a few things.

At what point are our choices irreversible?  When, if ever, is it too late to (un/re)do a decision we've made?   At what point does indecision become your decision?  When do we say, "I chose this path, and now I must stay on it"?  Is there a time or a situation when it is just too late? Or is there never a wrong time to fix a poor action?  Yes, I mean this in the romantic sense, but I mostly mean in all facets of life.  

The main character, Rachel, causes the whole dilemma by the fact that she chose to hide her feelings for someone because she loved her best friend and wanted her to be happy.  She chose to put someone else's happiness over her own.  Now, I can really relate to this.  While I have never experienced the repercussions in quite the same way that the character has, I can empathize to a small degree.  And you know, I think it can be a pretty darn good thing to want those that we love to be happy.  But at what point does one need to choose selfishness over selflessness?  There must be times.  There are times.  But which times?  How do we come to terms with putting our own needs above those of our loved ones?  And how do we, as loved ones, come to terms with our own hurt pride when the ones who have always had our backs choose to look out for themselves first, even if only for an instance?  What is the delineating factor marking appropriate selfishness and selflessness?

I've got some opinions on these questions.  What are yours?

And for making it to the end, I offer a pretty painting as a reward:
Paul Klee, Highways and Byways, 1929

27 June 2011

1 Year Ago

I moved to England with my best friends.  Where did the time go?  I am so grateful for this last year, as it has hands down been the best one of my life!

A classy bunch just hanging out at Pembroke (I believe. I was so turned around that night!)

26 June 2011

Cambridge Karaoke Part Trois

Last night, my friends and I:
ate hippie food
sang loudly
danced poorly
laughed excessively
Those of us who remained at the end of the night

We're the kind of people that the DJ invites to an after party.
We are cool, if only to ourselves ;)

25 June 2011

in which i try to help my friend decide which bathing suit to order

...whilst her boyfriend is sitting next to her, unbeknownst to me, and I keep making funny/jesting comments about him which he reads over her shoulder and then jumps in on the convo.

Beth Chat
Jonathan Chat

Haha whooops!

One more reason I love my friends/Friday nights.

And no, Jonathan is not actually  Harry Potter or Daniel Radcliff.
And yes, Beth is that hot.

Pretzel Night

Last night, a bunch of my friends came over and we made homemade pretzels! I got a pretzel making kit at Christmas, but was waiting to get a large /but not too large/ enough group together to make them.  Success, I tell you, success!  Seriously, they were delicious!  And I'm something of a connoisseur, seeing as how I'm from Philly.  Soft pretzels are kiiiindaaa a big deal to us.

Thanks to all the teamwork that was put into making them!

soft pretzels
soft pretzels
soft pretzels

Vinna Laudico

23 June 2011

current likes:

a still life with some of my favourite things, to make up for ce matin:

a book
a flowery skirt

Pellegrino Still Life

i am really cranky right now

it's like the universe says, "hey! that's something camille really wants! i know, let's give it to someone else who hasn't worked for it as long and as hard as you have, just to rub it in! because it's not like she feels defeated enough!"

on a bright note, today is actually thursday. every day this week i've woken up thinking it was thursday. however, today i woke up thinking it was saturday, so...

21 June 2011

thanks to work

Listening to my iPod with 2 headphones just sounds weird now.

20 June 2011

my weekend was great, how was yours?

I think these 3 pictures sum up my weekend pretty well:

Bananagrams, word courtesy of Grace.

Alex and I got married in MASH. We all later talked about how I need a middle name.  This resulted.

Monica and I watched this (Mary would be so proud!). Phenomenal.  Does anybody else hate that you can't find the soundtracks for BBC movies? Or am I missing out on where to buy them?

19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

I think I can safely speak on behalf of my father when I say that last year was his favorite father's day ever! I mean, France with his #1 daughter? Doesn't get much better than that! Sorry sibs, I'll always be the fave ;)

1- MontMartre (2)

18 June 2011

call me melodramatic

so i know it's only been like, what, 45 minutes since she woke me up to say goodbye because she's moving home for the summer, but i miss mmmmmaaaaarrrryyyyyyy.  here's to one of my best friends and to the fact that she is one of the greatest people alive.  i'm envious of all her amazing talents* and can't wait to see her later this summer!

Christina's wedding
bridal tea party socializing
mary, me, gurus, karaokebridal tea party english photo

*which include, but are not limited to: she is the most well-read person in the history of the world,  incredibly intelligent, tres tres belle, , hysterical!!, a loving daughter and sister, fashionable, and so many more things that i don't know the words for. but she would. 

16 June 2011

the reinvention of the wheel

our theme for this shoot? basically i wanted to wear pearls.  for the rest, we just followed the road and the shoreline of utah lake.


13 June 2011


remember facebook circa february 2010? and how everyone was posting their celebrity doppelgangers? and how i didn't? because i've never really seen any sort of resemblance between a celebrity and myself? and how i was totes jeal of everyone who was all "here's a picture of blake lively. we're like twins. nbd."?

WELLLLLL today at work, i was over in another department and one of the guys who works there said to me, "oh, have i ever told you that you look just like that girl from batman? not the first one but the replacement? she was in that movie with will farrell?"  which being translated is, "oh, have i ever told you that you look just like maggie gyllenhaal?"

i don't know about you, but i've always secretly admired her.  i mean, she's intelligent and pretty, but not always in the obvious (and thus boring) way.

and now a series of photos in which you may evaluate for yourself.

Photo on 2011-02-12 at 15.20 #2

basically i want to look like that last one like all the time. she makes me want to cut/dye my hair

**reposted in the hopes that the pictures work**

11 June 2011

mutants and shakespeare

no not at the same time. don't be silly. one was friday and the other was this very afternoon.

first off:
THE NEW X-MEN IS SO SO SO GOOOD!!! mary, natalie, and i went to see it last night, and we were all just blown away! (see also, beth's blog)

second off:
shakespeare in the park? yes puh-lease! natalie, michele, geoff, and i went to see the merchant of venice at pioneer park (whilst the farmer's market was going on), and it was pretty entertaining! granted, it wasn't just like in the college gardens, but it was still a fun time!
merchant of venice

up tonight? outdoor laser tagging up the canyons. i haven't been laser tagging since i was like 8 so wish me luck!

10 June 2011


on the drive back from anna's, i saw a male in his early 20s. riding a scooter. in a white fluffy bathrobe.

this would be a lot easier to explain if we had the greek system here.

08 June 2011

on my mind

this song:

this snl character /soooo funnny!!/

06 June 2011

napkin notes

i was sorting through some boxes of stuff today, and i found these 4-4 1/2 year-old notes in one of them:
Carter Napkin
Eric Napkin

haha, oh those 144 boys. what good sports.  i was always making them write me poems and other niceties.

hey carter, remember when i convinced you i was the homecoming queen? and you then made me a crown? :)

04 June 2011

provo canyon

meet my artistic friends: anna, aundrea, and annie

provo canyon
provo canyon
provo canyon
annafenced in
provo canyon
provo canyon
fenced in
string theory
fenced in
provo canyonpeacock