28 June 2011

borrowed choices

Monica and I went to see "Something Borrowed" last night.  Now, before you roll your eyes at me and say, "You're admitting to seeing the movie based off of the chick lit?", let me tell you that it actually got me thinking about a few things.

At what point are our choices irreversible?  When, if ever, is it too late to (un/re)do a decision we've made?   At what point does indecision become your decision?  When do we say, "I chose this path, and now I must stay on it"?  Is there a time or a situation when it is just too late? Or is there never a wrong time to fix a poor action?  Yes, I mean this in the romantic sense, but I mostly mean in all facets of life.  

The main character, Rachel, causes the whole dilemma by the fact that she chose to hide her feelings for someone because she loved her best friend and wanted her to be happy.  She chose to put someone else's happiness over her own.  Now, I can really relate to this.  While I have never experienced the repercussions in quite the same way that the character has, I can empathize to a small degree.  And you know, I think it can be a pretty darn good thing to want those that we love to be happy.  But at what point does one need to choose selfishness over selflessness?  There must be times.  There are times.  But which times?  How do we come to terms with putting our own needs above those of our loved ones?  And how do we, as loved ones, come to terms with our own hurt pride when the ones who have always had our backs choose to look out for themselves first, even if only for an instance?  What is the delineating factor marking appropriate selfishness and selflessness?

I've got some opinions on these questions.  What are yours?

And for making it to the end, I offer a pretty painting as a reward:
Paul Klee, Highways and Byways, 1929

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