18 June 2011

call me melodramatic

so i know it's only been like, what, 45 minutes since she woke me up to say goodbye because she's moving home for the summer, but i miss mmmmmaaaaarrrryyyyyyy.  here's to one of my best friends and to the fact that she is one of the greatest people alive.  i'm envious of all her amazing talents* and can't wait to see her later this summer!

Christina's wedding
bridal tea party socializing
mary, me, gurus, karaokebridal tea party english photo

*which include, but are not limited to: she is the most well-read person in the history of the world,  incredibly intelligent, tres tres belle, , hysterical!!, a loving daughter and sister, fashionable, and so many more things that i don't know the words for. but she would. 

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Monica said...

thary looks amazing in that first picture