11 June 2011

mutants and shakespeare

no not at the same time. don't be silly. one was friday and the other was this very afternoon.

first off:
THE NEW X-MEN IS SO SO SO GOOOD!!! mary, natalie, and i went to see it last night, and we were all just blown away! (see also, beth's blog)

second off:
shakespeare in the park? yes puh-lease! natalie, michele, geoff, and i went to see the merchant of venice at pioneer park (whilst the farmer's market was going on), and it was pretty entertaining! granted, it wasn't just like in the college gardens, but it was still a fun time!
merchant of venice

up tonight? outdoor laser tagging up the canyons. i haven't been laser tagging since i was like 8 so wish me luck!


Beth said...

No but seriously one more time X-MEN IS OFF THE HOOOOOK.
I want to be smack-dab in the middle of an X-Men sandwich.
Love the pic! Lookin hot. I mean hawt. I mean both.

Charlotte said...

I loved the new X-Men! We saw it last week on $5-ticket Tuesday, and I would have paid the $10 I liked it that much.