30 June 2011

on how to not sound like an idiot

Cambridge: Please don't pronounce it like the river after which it is named /ie: Cam-bridge/. Rather, pronounce as if there were an 'e' tossed in there /ie: Came-bridge/

Camille: I may get sick a lot, but pronouncing my name /Cam-ill/ makes me really feel just like that--ill.  Instead, say /Cam-eel/. That's right, like the sea creature.  The only other acceptable pronunciation is the French way.

There, now that that is settled.

Amedeo Modigliani, Young Redhead in an Evening Dress, 1918


Stephanie said...

Uh oh. I think I may say "cam-ill."

Jourdan said...

you are thinking about Modigliani because of Midnight in Paris, aren't you? And may I say, props to Owen for pronouncing it correctly :)

Oh, and I would have texted you back but I got your message really late in the evening. I am glad you liked it.