22 July 2011

penultimate night adventures

OK, I know I said I was going to wait until I got home tomorrow to post any pictures of my new hair, but last night was so fun and special that I'm just going to go ahead and write about it!

Twilight Concert Series was last night featuring The Decemberists.  In typical Cambridge fashion, we had a picnic beforehand, and let me tell you, the food was amaaaazing.  Couscous salad? Yes please! Salad that Grace made? You know it!  After we all finished eating and were thinking about dessert, the event turned into a Farewell Camille party--Rachael started pouring everyone some sparkling cider and Girl Alex brought out a delicious homemade cake, and then everyone went around saying really nice things about me :)  I was so touched by their kindness--I really do have the best friends in the whole world!

I miss you guys already! *best quote of the night in reference to my new hair*: Grace, upon arriving at the picnic and seeing my hair- "Camille, you banged yourself!! I mean, you got bangs."

Cake :)
Some of the Group at Twilight Concert Series
Alex Hair


Charlotte said...

I love the bangs! (And your friend's comment had me laughing out loud—have you ever played the Western card game Bang!? Just imagine the jokes we make when we play. . . .)

You look great! And I'll be posting pictures of my new hair this weekend!

Taylor Ann said...

good gracious, I like you.

don't leave!

Anna Peterson said...

very cute hair.