02 July 2011

Rooftop Concert + Station 22

Last night, Alex, Natalie, and I went to the Rooftop Concert to get some much desired face-time in with Natalie before she leaves to spend 3 weeks in Europe with her boyfriend!
alex, me, and natalie

Before the show started, we ate on Station 22!  OHMYDELICIOUSFLAVOUR!!!!!! Seriously, everyone, you all need to eat there!  I was really excited that they were open late for the concert (they normally close before I get back from work. I know, whaaat?), as I'd read some good reviews.  Honestly, the food was amazing!!! I'm still thinking about the Tri-Tip sandwich and the Ratatouille sandwich!
Station 22
Station 22

All in all, a fantastic night!

Also, I am going to miss Natalie like woah.
Also part 2, I am very excited for Alex's shower next week!

*Blogger's note: I apologize for the many typos in my last post.  I wrote it way late at night, and obviously did not do as great of a job editing it as I thought I had.

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nat said...

Ah thanks Camille! I'm going to miss you too, what a wonderful night!