12 July 2011

wedding day

No, not mine (sorry, parents).  Well, at least not in that way.

Yesterday was entirely focused on the wedding of those I love above all others.

Immediately afterwork, I went and had my bridesmaid dress fitted and altered for Parker and Carolyn's wedding!

I scooted directly over to Lisa's beautiful bridal shower!  It was such a lovely event, and it was great to see old friends!  Even better, it was great to see the beaming McBride-to-Be!

Upon arriving back from the shower, I happily got involved in helping Jonathan and Beth get engaged!  No, not in the sense that I whispered the appropriate question and answer to either, but in the set up of the event. I wish more than anything that they could see just how happy they were!  I love the image I will now forever have of the pure joy and eternal happiness radiating from their whole beings.  Beautiful is what it was.

Each of these people and couples are extremely dear to me.  Each has been an unmatchable friend to me.  All of them have taught me how to love, and I would like to thank all of them individually for everything he or she has done for me.

I love you.


parkermoffat said...

I love you, too!!!

Lisa said...

Maille! You are so dear to me to :) It meant so much to me that you came to the shower! It would not have been the same without you there. I love you so much!!