23 August 2011

The Adventures That Jourdan and I Had [Part 2/2]

Friday's destination was the King of Prussia mall.  Yes it was an all day trip.  Now, before you get all "let me roll my eyes as two girls spend all day at the mall", I would like to defend ourselves and say that I needed new clothes and it would be a crime if Jourdan didn't take advantage of tax-free clothing shopping whilst she were here.  End of discussion.  Besides, you just don't get beautiful dressing rooms in Utah.

On Sunday, Sam made a Filipino dinner.  Some of our favourite people, the Amanullahs, came over, too, and that was so totally fun. For dessert, Steve-o and I made cupcakes.  The ones that were made with the cupcake liners I bought for my mom with Jourdan turned out great...the other ones, well, we had to eat those upside down.Filipino dinner Bebot Dessert

Last night, Sam and I realised that somehow we had yet to take Jourdan to Rita's! Now, this is usually the very first place we take someone, so we felt like the most horrible sort of friends. So, you can imagine where the last place we took her was before dropping her off to her train/plane.  And yes, we were there waiting before it even opened.  We are those people.
Rita's Rita's morning face

We're all so glad that Jourdan came!  Because she is cool.

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