08 August 2011

A Farewell and A Homecoming

These past few days have been full of important life events.

On Thursday evening, my grandmother passed away.  While we all miss her, I'm so happy that she has been relieved of her sickness and does not have to battle with that anymore.

The best thing in the world happened on Saturday: SAM IS HOME FROM HIS MISSION!!!!! My parents went and surprised him in the Philippines at the end of his 2-year mission for our church.  I LOVE HAVING HIM HOME!!!! He hasn't been too weird or had too many adjustments to make, but it sure has been fun to watch him acclimate anyway!  We had a party last night in honor of his return (for which I made my grandmother's chocolate chip cookies), and it was so fun!  Thanks to everyone who came!!
Airport! Car Rita's! Excited dogs Belle Babes  PARTY

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