15 August 2011

Happy Monday!

This weekend was grand!!  I've only uploaded Saturday's pictures to my computer so far, so I'll include just those now.  BUT I did want to give Paige a shout out, as yesterday was her BIRTHDAY!!!!! Don't worry, friendsies, you'll get to see those, too!

Saturday was an awesome day!  Man alive, so much laughing.  Parker came home for the week (he gets married NEXT WEEK!!!), so for the first time in 2 years, and one of only a handful of instances in the last 7 years, all 4 kids have been together! ALSO, my Uncle Randy and Aunt Julie came into town because Sam gave his homecoming talk yesterday in church!

These pictures are from: our home, an Eagle Scout court of honor, and JUST DANCE Wii DANCE OFF!!!!!

Hysturical SIBS 
Please note that the lighting in the church est horrible HOT ROCKIN Do the creep Do the creep WII WII

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Beth said...

*GASP* I love your entire outfit. (And the Wii outfit is ballin, too)