23 September 2011

Archives & Art Shows

On Wednesday, I took a little trip to the National Archives.  What a cool place!  They had a "Research Entrance", and all I wanted was to rush in and read about cool things.  Man, I tell you, I miss being a student sometimes.  And then I remember that I don't have a concrete topic that I'd want to study extensively.  That's part of my problem, academically at least.  There's just so much to know, that I have a hard time committing to one specific topic for any amount of time. 
Nat'l Archives

But that's ok:  I have found Pret a Manger in America!  Delicious delicious delicious :)

I also went to some art show openings last night: Mark Behme and Anne Marchand.  I love love loved so much of Marchand's work.  Really beautiful stuff. art art

I'm really excited for my plans this weekend!  D.C. is awesome!

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