15 September 2011

DuPont Circle

On Saturday, I met up with my ever lovely friend Sarah and her roommate Liz and went to dinner!  Both of these girls are in med school, smart, and beautiful, which is enough to intimidate anyone.  Somehow I failed to get a picture of us, which must mean that we were too busy having fun, and not that I forgot.  Especially since I did get pictures...of the food.  Looks like we know where my priorities are.

We ate at this little Italian place that was just heavenly.  See?

Afterwords, they had to go back to the library [goodness, I miss those days], so I just took some time to hang out and walk around the Circle for a bit.  I started off with getting a cupcake at Hello Cupcake.  It was pretty good, I just still prefer Sweet Tooth Fairy.Hello Cupcake

I sat by the fountain for a while, just thinking and enjoying the metropolitan feel.  And getting hit on.  But that's another story.
DuPont Circle DuPont Circle

Before I caught the metro back, I sat and enjoyed some music outside of Panera.DuPont Circle Panera

And it was good.  

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Jannifer said...

This blog post is making me hungry. Glad to see you are having fun in DC.