03 September 2011

Friends This Week

Does hanging out with friends twice this week make me popular or lame?  I'm going to go with popular seeing as how I've been in the burbs of Philly and D.C. so that's like actually pretty impressive.  You should be impressed.

FIRST, I got to hang out with my friend Megan on Tuesday!  We met when she was visiting a mutual friend in Cambridge last summer, and I haven't had a chance to see her since. She just moved to Philly for grad school, so we made sure to meet up before I left!  We ate at a most delicious and authentic Italian restaurant, flirty Italian waiters included! La Viola!

THIS MORNING was most splendid! Several of the Cambridge girls have recently moved out to D.C., so we met up for the famous bluebuck pancakes at Eastern Market!  We had a delicious time!  I shopped around the market, and found these beautiful bowls that I'm so pumped about.  I even got to speak a little French with the lady who makes/sells them, so that was double awesome!  (side note: I will post more pictures once Michele has them posted)Sarah (and Mary) at the market Petit D. Veggies Fraises Peppas

Now I just need to keep working on finding a job.  Definitely not the most fun thing in the world.  Anyone know any museums in D.C. that would love to hire a museum-phile like me?  I'll bake you cookies!

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