19 September 2011

A Museum And A Festival

Haha sooo Saturday.  Saturday was the day that I got EPICALLY lost.  Well, lost is the wrong word.  I was very much in the place that I thought I was supposed to be, according to Google maps.  Turns out Google maps LIED to me!  H Street Festival was on the east side of town, not the west.  After well over an hour of wandering around/a tourist giving me her map/a concierge calling a congresswoman in the apartment complex I stopped at for help for directions/ talking with a Metro employee who told me that "The closest Metro stop to there is still pretty far", I was tired and hungry to say the least.  So I regrouped at the National Museum of the American Indian.  Mary and some other people had raved about their cafe, so I had a late lunch there and then explored for the remaining two hours it was open.
Native American Musee Native American Musee Native American Musee Native American Musee Buffalo Burger
Also, let's just talk about the photo of this buffalo burger.  Mostly the fork.  I mean, who uses a fork to spread their ketchup when knives were available?  Apparently I do when I'm too hungry to notice.

Some new friends from the cruise met up with me at the museum right before it closed.  Luckily, they had a car and a GPS app, so we were able to make it to the H Street Festival after all!  Yes, it was five hours later than originally planned and just for the final hour, but I was still so excited!  No way was the day ending without me making it there.
  OMG RITAS IN DC H Street Festival

The night ended at Jennifer's birthday party, where I got to meet new people and make new friends!  No photos, but trust me, it was hip.

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