16 September 2011

My Visit To The White House

Ha! I totally tricked you with that title, didn't I?  You probably thought that Prez Obama invited me over ["Camille, we need someone with artistic direction in this place.  And would you mind babysitting this weekend?"], but actually I just strolled by since I was in the area anyway this morning.

I'm so legit, that they let me in by the back door:
Flip Side

Lafayette Park is right across the way.  Whilst ambulating on the pathways, a cute older gentleman stopped and asked if he could take my photo, and informed me that the statue in the middle of the park was of Andrew Jackson, not of Lafayette.  He didn't know why, so if anyone figures it out let me know!

Of course I stopped by the Washington Monument.  I didn't see the crack, and we're going to say that that was because no one could get super close, not because my feet were starting to hurt and I didn't think I could circumnavigate the monument inspecting it.
Washington Monument Washington Monument
[I got closer than this, though, don't worry]

I figured it would be rude if I didn't at least make an appearance at the front side of the White House, so I obliged all the paparazzi and stopped for some photos.
Mr. Blue lives in the blue house NBD

To make the midday even better, after Mary picked me up from the Metro, we got lunch at California Tortilla.  Hello delicious non-miniature tacos.  Be sure to ask me about that soda fountain when you see me next.
Mmmm Tacos BURRITO

Highlight of the day?  Someone asked me if I was a local!  I'm working on it, ma'am, I'm working on it.

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