06 September 2011


Oh hello there!  You may be wondering a seemingly reoccurring wonder.  You know, the one that goes like this:

"Camille, what have you been doing these past few days other than not blogging?"

Well, dear readers, I am going to give you that answer.  The same answer as always, but again I give it.

"Oh, ya know, just being awesome."

Ok, ok, ok, so we all know that the real answer is something more of:

"Oh ya know, just being awesome.  Applying for jobs.  Eating delicious food. Applying for jobs.  Making new friends at church. Applying for jobs.  Making new friends at FHE. Applying for jobs. Repeat ad nauseum."

I swear, my life feels like it's on repeat right now.  A very awesome repeat, seeing as how I'm crazy about the family I'm living with and am having a great time!  I just want to be doing something like contributing to society or something cool like that in addition to all the friend making and food eating.

In the interim (between now and when I am employed), here is a picture of my lunch from Vie de France!

Vie de France

PS- We need to add to the list of what I've been doing on repeat: "Getting caught in the rain."

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