14 September 2011

Sitting On Capitol Hill

Last night was so much fun!  I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture sponsored by ConSource featuring David McCullough at the Capitol Building.  It was short--a little over an hour--but it was definitely interesting.  I was impressed with all that ConSource is doing, and Mr. McCullough just knows everything about American history.  And everything about everything else.

CapitOl Capitol
After the presentation, I was introduced to Good Stuff Eatery!  All the hype is right--the toasted marshmallow shake really is delicious!  And those fries?  They may have been small, but they were most certainly heavenly.  We tried 5 or 6 different dipping sauces for the fries, which was super fun. My personal favorite was the spicy one.

Good Stuff Toasted Mallow Frye Sauces Toasted Mallow Subway

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