26 September 2011

Weekend of Awesome

Guys guys guys, this weekend was so so good.   And by this weekend, I mean Saturday.  It was incredible!

I volunteered at the Chalk4Peace event at the National Portrait Gallery featuring Michael Kirby, who has won all sorts of awards.  The little kids were so cute and excited to be able to draw on the sidewalk in the city :)
Sidwalk Chalk Sidewalk Chalk

I met up with the ever lovely Jennifer and Sarah at the National Book Festival.  We attended a lecture by Sylvia Nasar, the author of A Beautiful Mind.  I was amazed at the huge turnout!  One of the highlights?  Seeing the Magic School Bus!

Lecture Book Festival Magic School Bus 

We ate lunch at Paul.  Guys, this is a huge deal.  I'd eaten there whilst in France [do I sound super elite right now? I hope so.], and was so happy to find one not just in America, but in D.C. For all interested parties, it is right off of the Archives/Navy Memorial metro stop.


National Museum Day participation!  We went to the Corcoran Gallery, and explored for a few hours.  I was excited to see the Chris Martin exhibit, and it was beautiful!  I recommend that everyone check it out.

There was a Syria protest going on outside of the White House, that we watched for a few minutes.


International Potluck at the stake center.  I was blown away by the variety and quality of food!  Someone made chicken adobo, so I took a picture and sent it to Sam, who just got back from a mission in the Philippines.  He immediately called me and excitedly asked, "Where are you???"

Chicken Adobo 

Relief Society Broadcast.  Was it awesome? Yes.  Do I love President Uchtdorf? Yes. Good good night!

I love my life.


Anna said...

um, I saw that same crazy chalk drawing yesterday! We're visiting DC this weekend. So crazy.

Camille said...

No way! Wasn't it amazing?