02 September 2011

Well, I have finally arrived!! After what feels like eons of talking about the move, it's hard to believe that I am now in this phase of life!  Mary and her family have been so gracious and welcoming, and I feel so honored so have such magnificent people in my life.  

There's a lot that makes me excited about this move: I get to be in the heart of a great art scene, I have several friends living out here whom I will get to see, and I am back on the best coast, among others.  A big reason is that my dear sweet grandmother [the one who always tells me that we're like kindred spirits] did the same thing when she was a few years older than I am now.  One day, she was living in the smaller-than-small town of Holden, UT [we were literally related to everyone there for years], when a Senator who knew one of her relatives called her on one of the town's 3 phones and asked if she would come to Washington, D.C. to be her secretary.  One week later, she was there. Here. I love that I'm following in her footsteps [minus the whole "already having a job upon arrival" thing].

Now, the answer to my last blog post.  Everyone who answered did great! And yes, nudity is a commonality :)  What I was looking for was how Raphael merely reversed Michelangelo's Adam in the lower right of his etching.  And then Manet transferred that whole lower right group in Raphael's to the center group of his painting.  Which is all the more interesting when you realize that Manet's painting was shocking in his own day [to say the least], and his audience didn't recognize that he was borrowing so heavily from the Italian Renaissance, which was the ideal for which artists in his time tried.  It's interesting to me how it's easy to believe that all good art must be original, but that's hardly true.

And now I have to go fix my blog header and such...I accidentally deleted it. Which sucks because I loved that one!

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