25 October 2011


I went up to Boston this weekend for a conference, and it was so great to go to what I most consider to be home.  Autumn there is just as good as I remember!

The road trip up was long but super fun.  We stopped for lunch in Staten Island, and Jen braided my hair again.  We made a video.  Get pumped. Roadtrip Waterfall Hair Staten Island

The conference was really great.  Our group had a lot of interesting discussion, and I got to show off/make up my artistic skills.  We were right by the river and got to watch some of the regatta, which I know Rachel G. will be excited about. Boston Harbor MIT

Saturday night ended with a river boat cruise, or as we hipsters are starting to call it, an RBC.  We all know that dancing on a river is my thing.

On Sunday, I got to see my brother and sister-in-law.  They are such Rockstars!  So cute!  We used vacation rules, and went to Dunkin Donuts and got a dozen delicious flavours.  Soooo yeah, 4 donuts for me.... DD Sibs

Again, thanks to HB for hosting me!


Beth said...

Ohhh Camille, you are too cool for words. And four Dunkin Donuts? Atta girl. Next time I'm East Coastin' it let's go for an uneven five, shall we?

Eric said...

You are a dream. And you are so funny and everything good.