05 October 2011

Franco-Italian Night

Last night was Italian Night!  Since none of us speak Italian, and a whopping 2.5 of the 5 of us speak French, we basically threw the words "Pasta!" "Ciao!" "Grazie!" in with our French so we could feel foreign.

Stephanie made a delicious accidentally-heart-shaped pizza! Meraviglioso!  Rachael gifted us with pasta and her family's famous meat sauce to accompany it.  Delizioso! For dessert, we adventured to a gelato place in Bethesda.  Not only was it gustoso, but it was also on pretty much the cutest street in the whole world. 

Food, friends, adventuring, exploring, and francais-ing. You know it was a good night! Italian Night 5 Italian Night 6 Italian Night 4 Italian Night 3 Italian Night

PS- Jourdan, please correct me on my Italian words--I just used Google Translate, and I'm sure that the genders must be wrong.

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Jourdan said...

you're good! I think most people use gustoso more to say flavorful, so the more generic "buonissimo" would have worked too, but that's a matter of preference. you're spot on otherwise. :)