10 October 2011

My Weekend Was Splendid

How was yours?  I'm having a little problem with photos right now, so my afternoon of apple picking on Saturday because I'm a hipster like that post will have to be delayed.  I do, however, have a cell phone picture from my Saturday morning petit-déjeuner with my parents.  This one below is funny because I was ragging on my dad for not really smiling (he had a solid minute to whilst my mom figured out my phone's camera), to which he replied, "What? I was just being French!" Lolzzz

Vie de France

I also have lots of beautiful pictures that Jourdan keeps sending me that I ask/need her to stop sending because they are so beautiful but secretly love that she doesn't.

1 comment:

Jourdan said...

wouldn't it be great if I were the one TAKING those pictures?


sorry. done drooling.