29 October 2011

No, I Don't Have Cancer, Thank You

Last night was a giant Halloween party for the 20-something single kids of my faith in the area.  I got to help with the event, and was so happy at how well it turned out!  There were a few hundred people dancing away, all dressed in awesome costumes, and it was a blast!

So I went as the Girl with a Pearl Earring.  I knew it might take most people a minute or two to get it, if they ever did.  But I did not expect a comment I got from the Black Swan: "I saw you and wanted to give you a hug because I thought you had cancer.  Like, in real life."  Just makes me wonder what she thought my dress and cardigan was supposed to be...

Here are some other shots from the night.  Yes, the 2 Marios got into a flirtatious fight, and I had to repair the female Mario's costume. With ribbons. NBD.  The funniest costume to me was OccupyDC2: "99% of the money you spend on dates will be a waste."
Nerdddd OccupyDC2 Mario Roomies


Jen Bruton said...

love the Occupy people...hilarious!

And your costume is lovely!

Monica said...

I totally knew what you were before you having to explain it! Go me!