04 November 2011

D.C., Dan, and Food

Dan, one of my very favourite people from PKP, is in town this weekend from Amherst.  Even though he has a full schedule of awesome things, he was kind enough to make time to see me!  We met up for dinner at this restaurant called Montmartre- it was so French and so delicious, I just loved it!  Dan got duck leg, and I had rabbit for the first time.  We had mussels for an appetizer, and they were beyond good.
Dan and Duck Rabbit 

 After dinner, we went right next door to a most delicious gelateria called Pitango.  I tell you, cinnamon gelato, you get me every time! The employee gave us a tour of how they make their gelato, which was super cool.  All in all, it was a most delicious evening, and it was so great to catch up with a dear friend :)
  Dan and DC and gelato!

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