17 November 2011

Gingerbread, Art, & Pie {And A Hint!}

Don't you love those weeknights that are so fun it almost feels like the weekend?  I sure do, minus the whole actually having to wake up and go to work the next day thing.  But that's ok since tomorrow is FRIDAY!

After work, I had a little time to kill, so I hung out at Starbucks. Holy gingerbread soy steamer, you are delicious.  I love you so much.
Starbucks Merry Together 

Once I was done killing time {I feel like I should add a tally mark somewhere...}, I met up with Jennifer for one of my favourite things: an art opening!  It was at AAAS, and it was really cool to see science and art so integrated.  There were some phenomenal photographs by a NatGeo guy, they ruled.

Our next and final destination took some time to get to.  {Side note: work smarter, not harder.}  But it was well worth it once we arrived! It was a girls' night of pie and a cheesy movie that merited lots of peanut gallery comments {so glad that the characters listened to me and fell in love}. The whole soiree was so funnyyyyy.  I like funny.
Pie :) 

I'm planning a most excellent weekend, as well as a little treat for all of you next week!  It's turning out well, and I'm excited to share it with you :)

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