23 November 2011

The Heart Of Life Is Good- Ashley


Hi my name is Ashley and I am thankful!!!

I am thankful for those moments in life where you are so very happy because you are surrounded by the most wonderful people and doing something sweet! I saw a movie tonight (The Big Year, best movie ever, see it ASAP it will inspire you to either go bird watching or just do something fulfilling and extraordinary) as I laughed and cried and laughed again and just smiled from ear to ear, I looked over at my mom and my smile grew even bigger because I was hanging with one of the coolest people ever, besides the whole giving birth to me thing she is the sweetest person I know and a great friend. The theme of the movie was, you have to do the things that you love and do them with the people you love. I met dear Camille at the Springville Art Museum. Our instant friendship lead to laughter and giddy skips down the halls and the best times of my life. 
I am also thankful for sequins and faux fur vests. Clouds, stars, mountains, brownies, bubbles and glitter.
I am thankful for the music that has accompanied me through my life thus far. Whether it be N’SYNC, COLDPLAY, DEATH CAB, HILARY DUFF or even that time I was way into soundtracks. I listen to a song and it takes me back to that awkward 7th grade dance where I was terrified to slow dance. Or when I toured Europe only listening to the Backstreet Boy’s comeback album.  Some songs make me think of the boys who made mixed CDs for me to profess their love through song, or the songs that helped me get over boys (oh Lifehouse). Music makes going on drives through the mountains incredible as you sing with your friends at the top of your lungs, hoping that the moment will never end and that time will just stand still. I think music is here so we can always remember the good times. Might I suggest the new Coldplay CD or the latest mashup on glee featuring songs by Adele… you won’t regret it.
Thanks Camille for allowing me to be thankful on your blog. I am really really really thankful for our friendship. I wish we didn’t live so far away but at least I can read your blog and pretend I am visiting museums with you or being on luxurious boat rides with you. You are one of the great people who have come into my life and made me so happy!!!!! Love you!!!

Ashley is amazingly awesome- if I could pick an older sister, I would pick her.  She is funny, stylish, well-travelled, and often busts out an awkward hand in photos {look for it, it's going to be big, I promise}. She has a talent for making people laugh, which makes my life that much better.  Ashley enjoys awkward moments in museums and joking around with old museum directors.

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