21 November 2011

The Heart of Life Is Good- Charlotte

I met Camille in our freshman year at BYU in French 201, and since graduation we've stayed in touch via blogging. She's tres chic, non? (Pretty much she's the one of the most popular people I know. So the fact she asked me to guest post was a big deal over in my blogging corner.) When Camille told me what she wanted me to write about I mulled for a long time. A long time. What makes the heart of my life good? I'm certainly thankful for many things. Things like Netflix, Diet Pepsi, Pinterest, mint chocolate truffles, new TV episodes, hot chocolate, and blog comments. Seriously, though. What makes the heart of my life good? What defends my silver lining?

And then it hit me. The heart of my life is creation. Since leaving school I suddenly found myself with loads of time on my hands. My days weren't filled with classes, and my evenings weren't filled with homework. I started to divert the creativity that I'd previously used to write 10-page papers and balance school and work into felt rosettes, satin headbands, and gingerbread houses. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and have spent this year learning to sew and deriving simple joy in things like finding the perfect wool-spandex blend. I've also studied up on cakes, bread, and pies, determined to learn the art of baking. (Sometimes I throw failed cakes, and sometimes they turn out delicious. I'm definitely still working on it.)

I find creation in words, both in the reading and writing of them. Words create memories, emotion, and growth. I love words. The heart of my life is good because I can use it to create more good. When I give creativity priority--whether through sewing, baking, writing, or reading--I feel fulfilled, purposeful, and powerful. This Thanksgiving I'm giving express thanks for all that I can do, for those things in my life that enable me to create. Sometimes I'm scared to create, to try, even to succeed. But here's the thing: it's worth it. Because really creation in all good forms is a means by which we come closer to our Father and Savior, and what can come closer to the heart of life than that?
Pain throws your heart to the ground;
love turns the whole thing around.
Fear is a friend who's misunderstood,
But I know the heart of life is good.

Happy Thanksgiving, Life Less Ordinary readers!

Charlotte is a lover of big words {what's the word that means big words?}, delicious treats, and Vocal Point.  She is smart as can be, and always has a smile on her face.  You can't help but to be happy around her, and she has been such a great friend over the years.  Charlotte currently resides in Oregon, which totally increased the real estate value of the whole state.


Jourdan said...

I know this! It's sesquipedalian!

michelle said...

I love Charlotte! And I, too, know the heart of life is good.