20 November 2011

The Heart Of Life Is Good- Megan

Hello, readers of Camille’s fabulous blog!

Camille was kind enough have me write a guest post on her blog. It’s about Thanksgiving, because it’s almost here! J So, thank you to Camille for letting me write on her blog, and please pardon me if I get too sentimental. And that I don’t have a lot of pretty pictures. I’m more of a word person.  

Remember in pre-school when you made the “grateful turkeys”? You’d trace your pudgy, sticky hand, color in a turkey, and then write down five things you were grateful for as the feathers.

Here’s a grateful turkey (sorry it is a plain turkey . . . I am a poor college student and I have no colorful construction paper):
Megan's Turkey
Isn’t he cute?

But when it really comes down to it, there is too much to put on the grateful turkeys. While real turkeys have thousands of feathers, grateful turkeys are only allowed five (or six, depending on your genetics).

I can’t limit myself to only five things I’m grateful for. Because for me, the heart of life is good because of the simple things.

You’d think—as an English major and history minor—that I would be unredeemably sarcastic, cynical, and skeptical. But that’s not the case. And don’t get me wrong, I know enough of the sorrows in the world to make me a cynic. But there is so much potential for good in the world—and more than that, just goodness in the world—that keeps me joyful. The joy in the simple is what makes me an optimist. And every day is filled with more simple things to be grateful for.

So this is what makes the heart of life so incredibly good:

That blazing-red tree you pass every day home from work/school.
That jolt in your stomach when you realize that special someone thinks you’re beautiful.   
Those days when your hair just smells good.
Daffodils pricking their way through the dark, cold soil of spring.
Brilliant yellow ginko leaves carpeting the grass.
The musky scent of autumn.
Laughter that fills like a bowl of chowder.
Soul-satisfying conversations with friends that last until four-thirty in the morning.
Waking up on a January morning and realizing you still have two hours to sleep in your warm bed.
The surprise of a shooting star.  
That stranger who opens the door for you, and smiles while doing it.
The “aha!” moment of finally remembering a mind-hidden fact on a test.
A sleeping baby holding your pinky.
Ripe August peaches.
Walking into the apartment after a long day and smelling dinner cooking in the oven.
Getting to read for fun.
Cocoa warming your hands.
Opening the mailbox and finding a hand-written letter.
Lights at Christmas time.
Singing in the shower.
Looking at old photographs.
Those “kindred spirit” moments.

. . . the list goes on and on. There are new simple things to enjoy every day. And to remember every day.

For me, these simple things are what make the everyday sublime . . . and so incredibly beautiful and good.

Megan is a reader, writer, and muffin baker.  She loves England and the German language, and she might just be the nicest person alive.  She deserves a never-ending round of applause for putting up with my crazy self.  At the time that this post was written, she was in the processes of putting in her mission papers, and hopes to receive her call in the near future.


Amy said...

Megan is an incredible writer! And I fully agree that she is the nicest person alive. :)

(...loved the six finger quip... bahaha)

Jannifer said...

Megan, I love your list of the things to be grateful for. Thanks for reminding me of the little things!

Megan said...

Thank you both so much! :)