23 November 2011

The Heart Of Life Is Good- Paige

What I’m thankful for.
-My family
I absolutely love my family.  My parents are my heroes and my siblings are my inspirations.  My parents have taught me everything that I know.  I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them.  I don’t give them enough credit for that.  I guess this is my big shout out of “thank you” towards them.  My brother Parker was like my IDOL when I was little.  I was so intrigued by him and how he interacted with my parents.  I always loved how even though I was the youngest and much younger than him, I always knew that he cared about me and wanted to talk with me.  He still always checks up on me even though he hasn’t lived in the same house as me since 5th grade and I truly appreciate that.    Then there's my sister.  Let’s just say that my sister Camille is the beautiful one.  I envy her (of course in a good way).  She just rocks my world.  She has taught me to listen to my hopes and dreams, not listen to idiots, and pray that it all works out.  Although I will admit that I don’t have fond memories sharing a room with her, since the day she moved away I haven’t stop missing her.  Samuel is my best geek friend known to mankind.  He has taught me how to be nice to the smart kids that make you so aggravated because they excel so well in school.  He’s taught me about compassion, serving others, and not making someone feel less about themselves. I know I can count on him for anything and that he’s always just a phone call away. And Carolyn, although I barely know you, I love you because you bring happiness to my brother…which makes me happy.  I love my family. 
Although we live 3,000 plus miles away, I love our relationship.  I like how even with the distance and many years lacking in communication, we’re there for each other.  We’re going through the same things and it’s nice knowing there’s someone out there in the world who’s similar to you.  I love how every memory with you we’re laughing.  I’m thankful that you were there for me when grandma died.  I’m forever grateful for that. 
You don’t know what a best friend is like till you know Jenna.  We have basically been raised to have completely opposite views on life and religion yet that doesn’t come between us.  I love how she’s never once judged or thought of me different because I’m LDS.  I cherish our friendship and our time spent together because I know that our time spent together is slowly melting away as we grow older. 
This has strangely impacted my life.  I find that the best way for me to communicate through music, is the piano.  I always feel God’s love for me whenever I play it, even if it’s “Stairway to Heaven”….I never want to lose this talent. 
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” –Thomas Merton.  I have learned a lot through art.  Although I let it get to me sometimes when people say “it’s stupid” that I want to pursue art, I shouldn’t.  I love art, I love creating, and I love learning!  You can find art in anything, just try! 
I can’t put into words my gratitude for church.  I guess you’ll just have to try it out for yourself to understand.  Let’s just say that I without a doubt believe it and that’s just spiffy for me. 
Well, seeing how it is Thanksgiving and how I can’t go an hour without thinking about food….how could I not mention this?  I LOVE creating food.  I think it’s great.  I love how food brings comfort and all kinds of emotions.  Food is definitely a beautiful thing. Hah!  
Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble. Heh. (:

Paigey is an artist, a musician, and the world's best sister.  She has the most bodacious head of hair ever, which this author somehow didn't get the gene for...go figure.  Paige is in the midst of receiving a neverending stream of college acceptance letters, and now has to decide which university she is going to grace with her presence.

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