06 November 2011

Last Friday Night

And afternoon, but that's not a song title, so it's not going in this post title.

Stephanie doesn't have her internship on Fridays, so she came down to Bethesda for lunch!  I had been craving Indian earlier in the week, so I was so happy when she suggested that we eat at at Shangri-La.  It was delicious :)
  Lunch Indian! Lunch

After [the most stressful day yet of] work, I went down to Arlington and got what is quite literally the best haircut of my life!  Let's be real here people, my bangs were having trouble.  They were so sad and neglected.  Sorry, bangs!  But now they are so great and I love them!  Thank you Ashley!  Ask me for her information, you won't regret it.

My friend Rachel from my home ward had a housewarming party just a few blocks away from where I got my haircut on Friday, too!  Oh my beautiful, let's just talk about how amazing their house is!! I am definitely jealous of happy for her!  I plan on making any excuse possible to go visit her.
Housewarming Hostess Decor Housewarming Party

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