26 November 2011

An Open House & A Reunion

Remember that time that Parker&Carolyn got married?  And how it was in Utah?  And how we're from PA?  WELL we were able to bring Christmas cheer a little early this year for all of those who have been sitting around the Philadelphia area in devastation at being unable to attend the Utah nuptials and ensuing festivities, as we hosted an open house last night!  It was really fun, and Carolyn got to meet some of our favourite people in the area.  A shout out to my poor neighbor who got his wisdom teeth out the day before Thanksgiving...poor kid!

Creepy Creepers Normal SJD 

I also had a high school reunion last night.  I only got one picture all night, and it was with my good friend JWalk {that's his street name--in a few years it'll be Dr. JWalk}.  We're neighbors, but we've seen each other maybe once since graduation {although we have talked on the phone a bit--whenever I walk down to his place to see if he's home, his mom seems to be on the phone with him}, so it's just funny that it took a high school reunion to get us in the same place at the same time.  I got to see some other friends, too, which was great! Let me just say though, that the event was the most expensive glass of water I've ever had.  An open bar doesn't mean much to a girl who don't drink.JWalk :)

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